TpT Marketing Tips: 3 Fail-Proof Steps To Market Your TpT Store & Save Time

tpt marketing plan

How comfortable are you with marketing your TPT store?

Teachers are great at creating teaching materials. But we stink at marketing them.

The truth is that TPT marketing takes a whole different skill set than what we’ve developed as teachers. And unfortunately a lot of the advice that is given to TPT sellers about marketing is not from marketing experts, but from other TPT sellers… many of whom built their stores many years ago when there was very little competition.

Most of the tips you can find about TPT marketing are actually just social media tactics. The problem is that if you really want to increase your tpt store sales you need MORE than tactics – you need a plan, and you don’t want to waste time when you could be making products.

Follow these three steps below to get your store set up for success. While it makes more work in the beginning to create a clear plan for your store, once you have it you will be able to cruise ahead!

cruise along with a tpt marketing plan

Cruise along with a strong marketing plan

Your 3-Step TPT Marketing Plan

1. Messaging & Branding – When customers are confused, they leave and buy from someone else. To be effective at TPT marketing you need to have a crystal clear message to communicate who you are as a teacher seller, what type of products you make, who wants these products, and what they will achieve by using them. This is called your brand message. Once you know who you are as a teacher seller, who you’re talking to and what your message is, then you can make sure that everything in your TPT marketing – name, images, descriptions, etc – work together to communicate that message.

2. Store Set-Up – Your TPT store is where the magic happens, so it’s essential to optimize your main page and product pages. Everything in your store set-up needs to be designed to communicate your brand clearly, attract the buyer’s attention, and show your products in their best possible light.

3. Customer Journey – Craft a path for your customers that will seamlessly take them from first contact with your store to becoming not just a one-time customer, but a loyal customer. Repeat customers are the key to reliable sales, but they aren’t created by accident – you have to cultivate them.

4. Bonus Step: Follow The Data – Once you have a strong brand, message and plan, now it’s all about staying the course and watching your data carefully. Understanding what to look for in your data will tell you what is working, what isn’t, and what changes you need to make.

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