Tips for Creating Seasonal TpT Resources

Tip #1: Be ok with the fact that they may not sell right away.

Even if you post a seasonal product several weeks ahead of time, it still might not gain enough traction in the search algorithm to show up. When I post a seasonal product I pretty much assume I won’t sell any the first year – and then sometimes I still do, and it’s a nice surprise! But setting short-term expectations low when it comes to seasonal products helps prevent a lot of disappointment if they don’t take off right away. Seasonal products can be a “slow burn”.

Tip #2: Spread the love around

It just makes sense that having seasonal products for a variety of holidays and other seasonal events will help you keep your sales more consistent across the calendar year.

One way to do this is to make a variety of products, but you can also make seasonal versions of evergreen products that you have already created.

Tip #3: Pin WAYYY ahead of each holiday

If you are creating Pinterest pins to promote each of your seasonal products, you need a long lead time for them to gain traction. Try to post pins 3 months ahead of each seasonal date you are promoting.

Tip #4: Create a seasonal calendar

Seasonal products have a tendency to be made on a whim. While this is fine, it doesn’t offer you the best chance to get them finished and posted in a timeframe that gives them the best chance for being

Tip #5: Don’t wait to post

Sometimes people think that they should wait to post their seasonal resources until the seasonal time so that the resource will show up in emails to followers. The problem with doing this is that you are trading exposure in the search results – a chance for very large exposure – for one-time exposure to a relatively small group of people. It is much better to get your resources posted and showing in search results, and then send a note to followers or email to your mailing list to remind them about the product at a more seasonally appropriate time.

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