You can teach the performing arts like a rockstar,
even if you’re not a specialist.

Arts education tools that make non-specialists
look like specialists

The problem with teaching the arts is that many teachers asked to teach them don’t have the background or skills to feel confident.

Stageworthy resources are designed by a specialist, for non-specialists. Even if you’ve never taught dance, drama, or music before, these resources will engage your students, satisfy curriculum requirements, and help both parents and administration see the value in quality arts education.

Solfege Lesson Plans – A Beginner Guide to Teaching Solfege

Looking for Solfege Lesson Plans? Solfege is an important building block in elementary music, but if you're not a specialist it may seem overwhelming. Luckily, solfege isn't actually that hard to learn and it can make your music lesson plans more interactive and fun,...

Tips for using tableau effectively in elementary drama

Tips for using tableau effectively in elementary drama

"Tableau" is a drama term that you may have heard before, even if you aren't an experienced drama teacher. But what is it really, and how can you use it effectively in your drama lessons? What is tableau? Tableau is essentially a freeze-frame of a scene. Instead of...

Teacher’s Guide to the Grade 1 Music Curriculum

Music Lessons for Grade 1 The grade 1 music curriculum is all about setting up a strong foundation in basic concepts. Duration (Rhythm) in Grade 1 Beat vs RhythmFast & slow tempo2/4 and 4/4 metresquarter note, eighth note, quarter restrhythmic ostinato Melody /...

Easy Instruments of the Orchestra Lesson Plans

Easy Instruments of the Orchestra Lesson Plans

Elementary students love learning about different instruments! Whether you're teaching in person, hybrid, or online, here are some great resources for teaching timbre and the instruments families of the orchestra. If you're planning a teaching unit on the instrument...

Primary Drama Activities: Guided Role Play

Drama Activities for Kindergarten to Grade 2 Teaching drama to very young children can be a huge challenge, especially since they aren't able to read well enough to follow a script and aren't quite ready for the high-level thinking required for conventional...

Teaching Music Online – Tips & Ideas

Although any subject is difficult to teach online, teaching music online has to be one of the most difficult. When so many of the curriculum expectations require not only interaction but also performance, having students on the other side of a screen can seem like an...

Teaching Dance Online – Tips & Resources

Teaching Dance Online – Tips & Resources

How to teach elementary dance during distanced learning Considering how most teachers teach the subject of dance, pivoting it to online can be really hard to wrap your head around. Here are some tips and resources for keeping your online dance lessons meaningful and...