How To Teach Elementary Music Without A Music Degree

Teaching music without qualifications or a clue?

Most music resources available for teachers are written by specialists, and designed for other specialists to use. But if you’re not a trained music teacher, these programs are intimidating and difficult to understand.

It IS possible to teach a quality music program – even without any formal training. All you need are resources that break down the concepts in a way that both you – and your students! – can easily follow.

How To Teach Music To Elementary Students:

Solfege Lesson Plans – A Beginner Guide to Teaching Solfege

Looking for Solfege Lesson Plans? Solfege is an important building block in elementary music, but if you're not a specialist it may seem overwhelming. Luckily, solfege isn't actually that hard to learn and it can make your music lesson plans more interactive and fun,...

Teacher’s Guide to the Grade 1 Music Curriculum

Music Lessons for Grade 1 The grade 1 music curriculum is all about setting up a strong foundation in basic concepts. Duration (Rhythm) in Grade 1 Beat vs RhythmFast & slow tempo2/4 and 4/4 metresquarter note, eighth note, quarter restrhythmic ostinato Melody /...

Easy Instruments of the Orchestra Lesson Plans

Easy Instruments of the Orchestra Lesson Plans

Elementary students love learning about different instruments! Whether you're teaching in person, hybrid, or online, here are some great resources for teaching timbre and the instruments families of the orchestra. If you're planning a teaching unit on the instrument...

Teaching Music Online – Tips & Ideas

Although any subject is difficult to teach online, teaching music online has to be one of the most difficult. When so many of the curriculum expectations require not only interaction but also performance, having students on the other side of a screen can seem like an...

Tips for Teaching Step Skip Leap Repeat

Tips for Teaching Step Skip Leap Repeat

Teaching intervals such as step, skip leap and repeat is an essential step in helping students to learn to read music fluently. When students are able to recognize steps skips and leaps in musical notation, it is much easier for them to predict what the music will...

Elementary Christmas Concert Ideas

Looking for elementary Christmas concert ideas? Sometimes directing a whole musical for Christmas just isn't practical, especially in an elementary school. Here are some ideas for Christmas concerts that are simple to put together, yet are interesting and...