Quick Black History Month Music Lessons: Ella Fitzgerald

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Black History Month Music Lessons: Ella Fitzgerald

Looking for some quick Black History Month music lessons for your classes? Here are some free resources for teaching a music lesson all about Ella Fitzgerald.

Introduction to Ella Fitzgerald

Teaching Points:

  • For a long time, only instrumental musicians were respected for the difficulty of what they did. Ella Fitzgerald changed that by showing how much the human voice can do.
  • Ella was treated differently due to the color of her skin. Her friend Marilyn Monroe used her influence to support her and help her perform in a famous club. (This is a great example of being an ally)
  • Ella Fitzgerald could take even the most simple song and make it sound fancy. (Old MacDonald is a perfect example)
  • Ella Fitzgerald performed with confidence. Even when she forgot the words of a song in front of a huge audience, she turned it into one of her most famous performances (see link below)


Introduction to Scatting

Scatting Teaching Points:

  • Scatting is a style of singing that does not use words. Instead, the singer uses their voice to imitate the sound of jazz instruments.
  • Another famous scatter was Louis Armstrong

Scatting Links:

Introduction to Scatting and Sampling

How Ella Fitzgerald Turned Forgotten Lyrics Into One Of Her Best Performances Ever – YouTube
Jr Classes

Music Lesson Plans for Black History Month

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