Music Teacher Resources: How To Teach Elementary Music Without A Music Degree

Most music teacher resources are written by specialists, and designed for other specialists to use. But if you’re not a trained music teacher, these programs are intimidating and difficult to understand.

It IS possible to teach a quality music program – even without any formal training. All you need are resources that break down the concepts in a way that both you – and your students! – can easily follow.

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Beat vs Rhythm Grade 1 Looking for help with a beat vs rhythm lesson plan? Beat and rhythm, although a grade 1 expectation, can be deceptively difficult – especially if you are not a music specialist. Understanding the difference between beat and rhythm is the first and most fundamental concept in the “duration” element of […]

I have been in charge of Elementary Christmas concerts for a long time. One of the most important things that I do in preparing elementary classes for their concerts is teaching them the song they are going to sing. Occasionally, a few of the classes don’t make it onto my music class schedule, which means […]

Opera lesson plans for elementary music: Have you introduced opera to your elementary students? A lot of music teachers are afraid to try to include opera in their lesson plans because they assume that elementary students won’t like it. If you aren’t a music specialist, you may not know much about opera yourself. But teaching […]

An orchestra conducting lesson is an excellent addition to your elementary music plans. Music teachers can use conducting to: Orchestra Conducting Lesson Plan Tips 1. Hook your students with a fun example of conducting. Of course, watching examples of legit conductors is an important aspect of a conducting unit, but watching a non-conductor’s attempts also […]