September Music Lessons, Ideas & Activities

September Music Lessons Featured

September can be a hopeful but also stressful month for teachers, as we try to make sure that we are starting out on the right foot with EVERYTHING.

Often, subjects like music can get pushed to the backburner, especially if you are a non-specialist who is required to teach music to your own class, or to multiple classes on rotary.

Tips for September Music Lessons

September is a great time to set yourself up with some strong routines that can carry you through the school year.

  • Routines – Like any subject, think about what types of music-specific routines you will need in your classroom. Do you have instruments you will be using? Are the students staying in their usual room or moving to a different classroom?
  • Year-long Programs – Having composer-of-the-month or similar programs can help with your music content throughout the year and add some variety.

September themes to mix into your music classes

  • Talk like a pirate day
  • fall / autumn
  • apples / harvest
  • Oktoberfest


“Working Ahead” Themes

If you are planning on any concerts or assemblies where your students could perform, September is a great time to work on songs ahead of time for these themes.

September Music Lesson Plans

These September music lessons include everything you need to teach music effectively – lesson plan instructions, sound clips, powerpoint slides, and accompanying worksheets and activities. Designed by a professional music educator but written so that ANYONE can teach music effectively. (Download the Grade 1 and Grade 4 packs for free to get a sample of how the lessons are put together. If you find them useful, you can get the whole year bundle and save yourself weeks of planning time.)


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