Tips & Lesson Plans for Teaching Elementary Dance

Teaching elementary dance without training or a clue?

The truth is that most educators who are trained in dance end up teaching dance in private studios and not in classrooms.

This means it’s hard to find quality resources that are created by dancers who also understand the demands of the elementary classroom.

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Tips & Lesson Plans for Teaching Elementary Dance 28

Tips for teaching dance

Teaching primary dance and don’t know where to start? These dance warm ups for primary will give a strong start your dance lesson plans. A lot of teachers feel uncomfortable coming up with dance activities, but you don’t have to resort to YouTube to fill your lesson plan. Ditch the “just Dance” videos and try […]

Dance lesson plans for elementary students that work – even if your kids hate dancing In many elementary classes, dance can unfortunately become one of those “throw away” subjects. Teachers are so bogged down with literacy & numeracy, board initiatives and other things that when it comes to the arts we are unfortunately often left […]

How to teach elementary dance during distanced learning Considering how most teachers teach the subject of dance, pivoting it to online can be really hard to wrap your head around. Here are some tips and resources for keeping your online dance lessons meaningful and engaging for students. Tips for Teaching Dance Online Use a focus […]

The Ontario Dance Curriculum is an ambitious document that holds a high standard for teaching dance in Ontario. While having high standards for arts curriculum is a good thing, it can often feel out of reach when the vast majority of teachers do not have the training or musical experience to fully understand the concepts […]

How to teach dance phrases in elementary dance Dance phrases (or movement phrases) are frequently mentioned in elementary dance curriculum. But what are they and how do you use them effectively? What is a dance phrase? Dance phrases are “sentences” in dance form – it is a series of movements that communicates a complete thought […]

For many non-specialist teachers, teaching dance itself is intimidating – let alone including ballet, the most technical of all dance styles. However, teaching ballet to your primary students can be really rewarding. It makes a mysterious and possibly intimidating art more accessible and less scary. It also helps to neutralize stereotypes and misconceptions at an […]

Tips and Ideas for Teaching The Elements of Dance Do you need to teach the elements of dance but don’t know where to start? The elements of dance are the “building blocks” of dance and form the foundation of many dance education curriculums, such as the Ontario Dance Curriculum. The Elements of Dance are: Body […]