Are You Making These Mistakes With Your TpT Branding?

tpt store branding message

Spoiler alert: It’s not about your font or colours

I see a lot of teacher authors (like a certain “CEO teacher”) talking about designing their teacher store brand… and then all they talk about is fonts, colours, banners and logos.

Fonts, colours, banners and logos are not a brand. They’re design elements.

Unless you are an iconic brand like Pepsi or Nike, or have millions of dollars to spend on expensive advertising, a cute logo on its own is not going to do much for your business.

A brand is much more than what your TPT store or blog looks like: A brand is what people think of when they think about your business. It’s the problem you solve. It’s the specific audience you serve. It’s what helps customers remember you and tell you apart from other businesses. Yes, the look of your teacher store is part of that, but it’s not the most important part.

Before you can start worrying about fonts and colours, you need to decide on a strong brand identity

Who are you as a teacher seller? And more importantly – who are your customers, and what problem do they have that you can solve for them? What makes you different from the thousands of other sellers on TPT?

Only after you can answer that question is it possible to create a cohesive brand.

Oh, I know everyone wants their store to look cute.

You can still have a cute store! There are lots of great designers who can help you with the look of your TPT store. Just do a quick search and you’ll find several with great reviews. But that design work is only as strong as the information you give them.

Sorry guys… I can always tell when someone has bought a standard “branding” package.

“Click on the star to follow me!” “Featured products below!”

I’ve seen these quote boxes and banners on a million different stores, in a million different fonts. Do they actually do anything useful, other than look cute? Do they actually increase sales or communicate in a meaningful way with your customer?

If you don’t know what message you’re trying to communicate, your store will still end up looking like every other store on TPT.

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