TpT Seller Quick Tip: Use Both Views When Checking the TpT Search Algorithm

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When Checking TpT Search Algorithm Results, Don’t Forget The Other View

If you’ve spent any time at all working on your search engine optimization for the TpT search algorithm (which you should if you want to make any money) then you’ve probably checked to see how your products show up in the search results for specific search terms.

But are you remembering to look at these results in BOTH views?

On Teachers Pay Teachers, you can look at your search results in two different views: thumb view and grid view. (By default, I believe the site shows thumb view, although I could be wrong about this). You probably have one of these views that you typically use.

Other teachers using the site may not use the same view as you do, so it is important to view your search results in both ways in order to see what your potential customers are seeing.

TpT offers two different view options, each with pros and cons. Which one do you prefer? Which one are your customers using?

The TpT Thumb View

The thumb view is TpT’s default view when showing results of the search algorithm. The major benefit of this view is that it shows the snippet – the first 35 words – right on the results page. This allows potential customers to get a bit more information about each resource right on the screen, however the downside is that the thumb view shows only a few resources “above the fold” (the part of the screen you can see before scrolling). This means that only the first three resources in the search results will be reliably seen.

In the thumb view, being in the top three of the search results is very important. The cover and snippet work together to convince potential customers to click and view the rest of the listing.

The TpT Grid View

The grid view on TpT is different from the thumb view in that it shows the top 8 products in the search result above the fold. This is great news for those TpT sellers who are not in the top 3 search results, but it comes with a price – the tradeoff is that the in this view, the snippet is not shown at all and the title of the product is not shown in its entirety.

In the grid view, it is a bit easier to be seen since the top eight products in the search results are shown above the fold. However, potential customers will not be able to see any of the snippet and the end portion of the title is cut off.

Check both views as a TpT Seller

When you are optimizing your product listings for the tpt search algorithm, it is essential to check how your product looks in both thumb and grid views. When you are checking listings:

  • In the thumb view, check for how much of your snippet is showing.
    How effective is the snippet? Will it help convince customers to want to learn more?
  • In the grid view, check for how your cover and title look.
    How do your cover and title work together to help convince customers to want to learn more? Are the contents of the product clear without the snippet?

For more on optimizing your listing for the TpT search algorithm, click here.

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