Complete Guide To Your TpT Product Listings

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How to create TpT product descriptions that sell

Often, teacher sellers spend so much time working on their products that by the time it’s time to post them, they’re feeling pretty burnt out. The problem is that if you don’t put the same effort into your product listing, no one will ever find that resource or be persuaded to purchase it.

TpT Product Covers

Your product cover is usually the first thing that a potential customer will see when they are browsing search results on TpT. Without a strong cover, it won’t matter how great your actual product description is, because no one will ever click through to see it.

Best Practices for Product Covers:

  • Preview your cover at both a large size (as it is on your product page) and at a small size (as it is in search results) to make sure it is readable
  • Use only the most essential text, and keep that text as large and bold as possible
  • Use one or two product photos or screenshots. Showcase the product front and center.
  • Use clip art sparingly – too much takes away from the product
  • Learn the basics of design to help you make covers that are pleasing to the eye
  • Use a few common elements on every cover to help customers recognize your work

TpT Product Title

The product title is the single most important factor in how your product shows up in TpT search results. It is important to make sure that you are using your product title to describe the product as your CUSTOMER would be searching for it.

The product title is NOT the place for cute product names. Use keywords in your title that your customers are likely to be searching for at the time they would most need your product.

TpT Product Description & Snippet

The top part of your product description is often referred to as the snippet, and it has two very important jobs. The first job is to contribute to your search ranking within TpT’s search, so it’s important that it include the keywords that customers would be most likely to use when searching for this type of product.

The second job of the snippet is to show up in the actual search results. Approximately the first 180 characters show up in the search results under the product’s title, next to the cover. Because of this, it’s really important to make sure that the text that you place there is not just keyword rich, but also enticing to shoppers.

TpT Thumbnails

You have three spaces available for thumbnails in addition to your product cover. Don’t waste these! The job of the thumbnails is to entice customers enough for them to read your product description and download the preview.

  • You can post screenshots of your best pages here, but you can also create custom images with additional text to highlight features and benefits

Preview & Video Preview

For most customers, viewing the preview is the last step before purchasing (or not purchasing) a resource. By clicking to view the preview, your customer is telling you that they are interested in buying but want to learn more. For this reason it is important that your preview provides additional information.

  • Show a few pages close up, or a full spread of all the pages in the resource
  • Highlight your best reviews
  • Use product photos so they can visualize how it would be used in their classroom
  • Don’t make ugly previews

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