2 Essential keywords your TPT Product title Is Missing

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Have you optimized your TpT product titles?

The key to showing up in search results – regardless of whether it’s Google, Duck Duck Go, or TpT search – is thinking like your customer.

Being able to get into the mind of your customer is essential, because when you know what your customer is thinking, then you also know what they are probably typing into search engines.

The TeachersPayTeachers search engine is really useful, because it allows you to refine your results. TpT sellers can tag their resources based on what grade level they are most appropriate for, the type of resource, and subject area, and shoppers can refine their search results based on these same criteria. It’s a great way to narrow down results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

There’s just one problem with these TPT search features. Do they always get used by shoppers?

Well, yes and no. There are definitely some search-savvy shoppers who will use the checkboxes to narrow results, especially for grade level.

Get into the mind of your customer

But let’s go back to getting into the mind of your customer.

If I’m teaching grade 1, and I’m looking for an addition worksheet, what am I going to do? Regardless of the search engine, chances are good I might search for something like “grade 1 addition worksheets”.

I could, as a shopper, type in “addition” and then check off grade 1 and then worksheets, but that actually feels like more work than just typing in the keywords in the first place. Especially because search engines like google have already trained us to be specific in our keyword searches.

TpT product title keywords work in any search, but those checkboxes only work on TpT.

But if you’re not convinced, here’s the second reason you need to use both your grade level and your resource type in your TpT product title. About 92% of the world’s internet searches are done using Google, and those extra TpT search features aren’t available on the Google platform. So if you put those keywords only in the search features, they will be listed on the product page, but not weighted nearly as heavily as if they are in the title.

TPT Product Title To Do

If a TpT product isn’t getting a lot of views, that usually means it’s not showing up well in search results. If this is the case, check the following:

  1. Check and see if the type of resource is in the title (activity, unit, worksheet, long range plan, etc)
  2. Check and see if the grade level is in the title (doesn’t work quite as well for a product with a wide range of grades, but especially if the product is specific to a certain grade, this is key!)
  3. REALLY think about what your customer would type in if they were in need of a product like this… because THAT is what needs to be in your title.

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