Keywords on TPT – It’s about Your Customers, Not Search Engines

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TPT sellers – are you trying to learn how to use keywords on TPT product pages?

Using keywords effectively is one of the most important things you can do to help boost your teacher product sales on your blog or TPT store. And yet few TPT sellers actually take the time to learn about how SEO (search engine optimization) works – which means that doing so can give you a HUGE advantage over the competition.

I’m not going to bog you down with a bunch of info about how search engines and keywords work – because frankly there are keyword experts that can do this far better than I ever could.

Keywords are important, but before you start diving into how SEO for TpT works there’s something much more important to understand first that often seems to get overlooked…

keywords aren’t really about search engines.

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You’re not speaking to a computer. You’re speaking to the person USING the computer.

It does you absolutely no good to rank for some obscure long tail keyword if your customer doesn’t actually search for it.

Before you start running around looking for “long tail keywords” that you can rank for, you need to understand this:

The most important “keywords” are the ones in your customers head.

Before you can get all up in the SEO (search engine optimization), first you need to understand who your customer is. Once you have done this work, then you can get on with the important job of talking directly to that person.

If you were your customer, what problem do you have? What would you type into a search engine to find the solution to that problem?

Write down that phrase. These are your keywords!

  • Make sure this phrase is in the first 30 words or so of your TPT description
  • Put this phrase in the title of a blog post
  • Use this phrase in your Pinterest pin’s description

Now you’re setting yourself up to actually reach your customers… THROUGH the search engines.

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