Teachers Pay Teachers SEO Tips for TpT Sellers

SEO Tips for Teacher Sellers

Trying to get your products to come up in search results? You need to understand Teachers Pay Teachers SEO.

While there are many factors in how TpT’s search results are calculated, TpT SEO (search engine optimization) in your product description is the most important.

Whether you are trying to build more traffic to your TpT store itself, your blog or your Pinterest pins, SEO is absolutely essential for making sure that customers can actually find your products online. Here are some tips for working with search engine optimization.

#1: Prioritize SEO before other types of marketing (like social media)

When it comes to building traffic, there is nothing as time and cost effective as optimizing for search. If you are spending a ton of time trying to market your products on social media but haven’t done some basic SEO work, you’re making things much harder for yourself.

Remember that in terms of the customer journey, someone who is already searching for products like yours is much more likely to purchase them than someone you interrupted on social media.

If you need to build traffic, TpT SEO should always come first.

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SEO works everywhere

#2: Remember that the basics of SEO will work anywhere

One of the great things about SEO is that it is not really platform-specific – while there are little tweaks between Google and Pinterest, for example, the basics of search engine optimization will still apply. So learning the basics of SEO is well worth the time and effort.

seo is a science

SEO is a science

#3: Understand the science of search engine optimization

Because search engine optimization can seem confusing and intimidating at first, there is a tendency to think that there are secret “tricks”. But it’s actually pretty simple at its’ core.

When you search for something on Google or Pinterest or any other search engine, the search engine looks for the best, most relevant matches for whatever you are searching. And the single most important way that it determines what the best matches are is through the contents of each page.

So if I want to look up how to do the fancy coffee art on top of a cappuccino, I might type in “fancy coffee art” into google. (Note: Apparently it’s actually called “latte art” but it doesn’t matter.) If I search for “fancy coffee art”, then the search engine is going to try to show me links that have the phrase “fancy coffee art” in their content. We call this a keyword string.

So the more often a keyword string is in the content of a specific page, the more likely that page is to show up in search results for that string.

search engine optimization keyword strings

Strings are your new best friends

#4: Use keyword strings to show up in search results

Using keyword strings is how you get your TpT products to show up in the Teachers Pay Teachers search, or your blog post in Google search.

The most nuanced part of Teachers Pay Teachers seo is determining exactly what keyword strings people are searching that will strongly relate to your product. Remember that teachers are searching for a solution to their problem, not for your specific product. So the cutesy name you made up for your product is NOT a good keyword string.

you need to research your keyword strings

It’s all in the research

Different platforms can help you find the best keywords through suggested search. Have you ever noticed that TpT will auto-suggest terms when you start typing in the search bar? Did you know that those auto-suggested terms are based on what terms are searched often? Use this to your advantage and find popular strings that fit best.

use keyword strings like salt on your mashed potatoes

Don’t use too much salt

#6: Use keyword strings like you would use salt on your mashed potatoes.

Salt in your mashed potatoes make it taste awesome – but use too much and you’ll ruin the whole batch. When it comes to SEO, you need to sprinkle generously and evenly, but never overdo it.

  • Make sure your keyword string is in all the parts of the content – title, description, hashtag, whatever else is relevant for that particular platform.
  • Use keyword strings naturally – work them into your conversational tone. You might need to add keyword strings to help the search engine, but if your customers can’t read it they’ll be turned off.
  • Start working with just one keyword at a time. There are likely more than one keyword string that could work for your product. But when you’re first starting out with SEO, you’ll have an easier time wrapping your head around it if you just choose one to optimize.
  • Never use keyword strings that don’t describe your product.
  • Make sure you’re including these keywords in your title
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Review – SEO Basics

  1. Do keyword research and brainstorming for each product.
  2. Choose the keyword string your customers are most likely to be searching for when they need your product.
  3. Work that keyword string into all parts of your content (sprinkled evenly like salt)
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