TpT SEO Hack: How to find the best keywords to use on TpT

SEO Keyword Hack for TpT

You probably already know that using the right keywords and search optimization strategy is important. It’s the HOW that can often feel difficult. So where should you start?

Find the right keywords to optimize

The single most important step in search engine optimization is choosing a keyword that works. After all, there is zero point in optimizing for a keyword string that no one ever actually searches.

That’s why this little hack can be super helpful in jump-starting your keyword list.

How to find popular TpT keywords for your niche

  1. Open up an “incognito” window and go to the TeachersPayTeachers website.⁣ An incognito window makes sure that your own buying history doesn’t impact the search suggestions.
  2. In the search bar, type in a main keyword for your niche, such as a subject or grade level.⁣ For example, you might type in “addition” or “grade 1” or “phonics”
  3. After your keyword, type a space and the letter “a”. Don’t press search! Just wait for the suggested keywords to pop up. Typing the letter a prompts for longer keyword strings that start with a.
  4. Write down all the suggested phrases that pop up. These are all frequently searched!⁣ The suggested keywords that pop up are based on the most frequent & recent searches on TpT’s platform.
  5. Repeat this process for the same keyword, but with the other letters of the alphabet.⁣ By typing in the other letters of the alphabet following your base keyword, you’ll discover other long-tail keywords that start with these letters.
  6. Repeat this exercise for all the other main keywords you can think of for your store. Remember that these keyword suggestions reflect what is being searched RIGHT NOW, so try it out every month to find seasonal and evergreen results.

Want to learn more about SEO?

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