How To Get More TpT Reviews

Looking for tips on how to get more TpT reviews for your store?

If you have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers, you already know that product reviews are an important part of developing your store:

  • Reviews help make customers more confident in buying your product;
  • Reviews make your store look more professional and reliable;
  • Reviews give you featured testimonials you can use on your product listings;
  • Reviews give you valuable feedback on what your customers need and how to improve your products even more.

It’s easy to see why TpT sellers want to have more reviews. But HOW do you get more TpT reviews?

how to get more tpt reviews
Customer reviews on TpT give your products more credibility and social proof.

It’s hard to get reviews – and you have to be super patient

The reality is that all of your buyers will not leave a review. TpT tries to incentivize reviews by offering credits to customers for leaving reviews, but even so, only about 10% of sales will result in a review.

It also takes a while before those reviews come in. TpT discourages teachers from reviewing a product until they have actually used it, and since teachers tend to be planners, that can sometimes take a while. Also, a lot of buyers will submit lots of reviews at once, often right before a TpT sale so that they can maximize their savings during the sale.

Play by the rules

First of all, it’s important to know the rules. According to TpT’s terms of service, you can’t incentivize reviews by offering free products or other prizes. TpT wants all the reviews on their site to be authentic.

Because of this, there isn’t really any “short cut” to getting more reviews.

Tips to encourage more reviews

There is not a lot you can do to get more reviews. For the most part, getting more reviews is a waiting game. But here are a few things that can help:

1 Reviews are a bit more likely on higher-priced products. Customers will be naturally more likely to want to leave a review on an expensive product because the credits they get are per dollar spent. So leaving a review on a higher priced product will get them more credits for that one review. Make sure you have some higher-priced items (like bundles) in your store that will encourage reviews.

2 Make sure you are making really awesome products. When a product really blows a customer’s mind with how easy to use and effective it is, they are way more likely to feel compelled to write a review than if the product is just so-so. Customers are more likely to leave a review when they have something to say about the product.

3 Remind your customers that they can get credits for their review. In your product file, include a page that lets them know that they can get credits towards earning free resources when they leave a review. You can even make a link to the review page right in the file to make it super easy for them. (Some people put notes about leaving reviews in their product descriptions – I do NOT recommend doing this.)

4 Leverage your e-mail list. The more of a relationship you build with your customers, the more likely they are to provide reviews and constructive feedback. Remind customers on your email list that they can leave you a review for credits. A great time to do this is right before a TpT sale, because those credits can then go even further towards earning free products.


When it comes to TpT store reviews, it’s mostly a waiting game. But by making high quality products that your customers will be passionate about, you can improve your results over time.

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