How To Use the New TpT Testimonials Feature To Sell More Products

TpT Testimonials Featured

In 2022 TeachersPayTeachers released a testimonial feature that allows you to select two reviews to prominently feature near the top of your product page. This feature is an amazing opportunity to help improve your marketing messaging and sell more products, but only if you’re using it correctly – so read on to learn how you can use these to your best advantage.

Step 1: Review your store’s messaging

All of your marketing decisions hinge on the unique niche and message you’ve built for your store – this is what helps set you apart from the thousands of other sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you haven’t done any messaging work, you can get a free jumpstart with my five day challenge via email.

Having a clear brand message for your store will help you choose the right TpT testimonials to speak to your target audience, so it’s really important to take a little time to work on this first.

Step 2: Review each product’s messaging

Once you know what your overall message is, you can apply this same technique directly to your individual resources. Work on the messaging in your product descriptions to highlight exactly who will get the most from this product and how it will help them.

Step 3: Choose testimonials that support the messaging you’re using

Here’s where it gets really exciting. There is a certain type of customer that is most likely to buy your products (see step 1). Look for testimonials that obviously come from those people.

Choose testimonials that support the messaging that you are using in your product description. This way, you are using social proof (comments from reviews) to support what you are saying in your product description.

For example, if the best thing about your resource is that it is low-prep and great for supply teachers, then you should be talking about that in your product description. Then, look for testimonials that also mention low-prep and supply teachers.

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