Do this to get your TpT customers onto your email list

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling your teacher products on TpT is that you do not have access to your customers contact information.

When a buyer purchases on TpT, you can see their name, the product they purchased, and their previous purchases by looking at your sales reports.

What you CAN’T do is contact them (except through the “note to followers” feature) – and that’s frustrating, especially since it’s pretty common knowledge that the people who are most likely to buy from you are the people who have already bought from you.

So how do we contact our TpT customers?

TpT does offer a “note to followers” feature, but this has many drawbacks. First of all, the note to followers is only sent to those who click the “follow” button on your store. This may or may not be the same people who actually purchase from you.

Second, the notes to followers are NOT sent to their email inbox. They are sent to an internal system on TpT and will only be visible to your customers IF they follow you and IF they log back onto TpT and IF they actually go to their TpT inbox and read anything. (I don’t know about you, but I have over 100 notes to followers currently sitting in my inbox. I never read them.)

However, people DO read their emails. And that’s where you need to be contacting your buyers.

Get your TpT customers onto your email list

There is a way you can heavily courage your TpT customers to provide their email address. This is the process I use for my store and while it isn’t foolproof, it does really help gather as many customers as possible.

#1: Create a special product that is not available ANYWHERE else

Create a product that you can give away to your customers. Make it something that is applicable to a large product line or to a large range of products (assessment tools work really well).

This shouldn’t be a run-of-the-mill freebie. Make it REALLY awesome – something that your audience would happily pay for. Like, you’d be nuts to not grab this for free.

Create a landing page so that customers can enter their email addresses to receive the product.

#2: Create a special page that advertises this product as a special free bonus for being a customer

This product isn’t going to be available publically – it’s only for your existing customers. Place a page to advertise the bonus product in every applicable product so that customers will only have access after they have purchased and downloaded a product.

#3: Set up the links and customize the funnel based on your preferences

You can make this as simple or as complicated as you want. The easiest set up is of course to use a single bonus file for your whole store, but you can also have one for each content pillar so that you can target your customers based on their previous purchases.

By using special tags and a dedicated landing page, you can easily identify the members of your email list who have purchased your products on TpT and those who have joined your email list through other channels.

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