How to Choose A TPT Store Name That Sells

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Choosing a TPT store name is a key part of building a successful teacher business – make sure you do it right

The name you choose for your TpT store makes a huge difference in how your store is perceived by customers. A professional name sets the tone by communicating that your store is high quality and contains high quality resources.

If you’ve ever searched for a product on websites such as teachers pay teachers, you’ve seen a million teacher store names. Unfortunately, most of those store names are completely forgettable, don’t communicate professionalism, and don’t give your customers an idea of what types of resources you specialize in.

I’ve seen store after store after store with one of these typical names:

  • So-And-So’s Classroom,
  • Teaching with So-and-so,
  • something about chalk or apples or some other teacher cliché
  • some words that all start with the same letter (cause teachers love alliteration!)

The problem is, these names are so common they sound like every other store, and won’t help customers remember you.

Is it possible to build a successful business with a generic sounding store name? Sure. But it will be much easier to attract the right customers if your store name is communicating the right message. With so many teachers creating new TpT stores every day, why not give yourself every possible advantage?

tpt store name ideas - tips for teacher store names
When your store name gives clues as to what sort of products will be found inside, it makes it easier for your ideal customer to find you.

Your TPT store name is a key part of your marketing and needs to do more than just sound cute.

When it comes to creating teacher resources as a business, teachers have some definite strengths. We are great at blogging and using social media and creating awesome resources that people want.

But when it comes to building a strong marketing message…. not so much. Many of the teacher-skills that help us with other parts of a TPT business don’t help when it comes to marketing. A strong marketing message begins with the name of your TPT store.

Your store name is one of your first and easiest opportunities to communicate to potential customers who you are and what you have to offer. It can help you stand out… or blend into the background.

Looking for TPT store name ideas? First, think about what you want your teacher store name to do for you.

Your store name is one of the first things that potential customers see when they look at your resources. So it has real power to help communicate your brand identity.

A store name should do way more than just sound cute. Your TPT store name can:

  • help current customers remember you (so they can come back for more) and easily recommend you to others
  • help potential customers understand what you do
  • make a connection to your ideal customer
  • establish your unique selling proposition
  • set the tone for the rest of your brand

Should I change my TpT Store Name?

Signs you should consider changing your TPT store name:

  • The store name doesn’t at least hint at the type of products that you specialize in
  • It’s difficult to spell
  • It sounds very similar to another store name (especially if that other store is more established than you are)
  • It uses a trademarked term (in this case, you NEED to change your store name or risk legal repercussions)
  • You can’t register your store name as a domain, or as a username on social media because it’s already in use

Should I use my own name as my store name?

Should I use my name as my teacher store name?

There are benefits and drawbacks to using your own name as your tpt store name, so it really depends on what your business goals are.

Using your teacher name can help you sound like a “real” teacher (rather than a faceless business), and if you’re hoping to build your own name as your brand, then this can work.

However, names are often difficult to remember and spell, and your name alone won’t communicate any key aspects of your brand.

DON’T use a TPT store name generator

A store name generator may seem like a quick and easy way to choose a TPT store name, but remember that generators rely on common formulas. So a TPT store name created by a generator is likely to be very basic and sound like a lot of other store names – which is NOT going to help you stand out in a crowded market.

What is your current TPT store name saying about you?

If your current teachers pay teachers store name isn’t cutting it, the good news is you can change it any time. TPT’s website is set up so that if you change the name, any links you have to your old store name will automatically redirect to the new one. So you can go ahead and change it without causing too many problems.

Tips for coming up with a TpT Store Name

Brainstorming Your TPT Store Name Ideas

Get a big sheet of paper. Write down every word you can think of that describes your store, teaching style, and products. Things like:

  • the grade level(s) your products are for
  • the subject(s) your products are used for
  • the most popular products that you make
  • the types of products you create most often
  • what outcomes your customers get by using your products
  • the things that make your products special or unique

When choosing a teacher store name, it’s best to find a name that says something about you and your products.

Not sure what message you want to communicate about your store?
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Just getting started on TPT?

When you’re first starting your store, I don’t recommend spending a lot of time or effort on branding. Your products and style will change a lot in the first little while. Start making products, see which ones sell, and allow your brand to develop naturally. Once you have some sales and have developed your style a little more, then is a good time to really dive into your branding and messaging – and store name!

Other things to do before committing to a new TPT store name

  • Search the store name in the tpt search to make sure you’re not choosing something too similar to someone else’s
  • Check and see if your chosen teacher store name is available as a handle on social media platforms
  • Write the name down without any spaces and make sure it doesn’t accidently spell any naughty words
  • “Try it on” for a week or two and see how it feels. Does it roll off the tongue when you say it out loud?

Your store name is just one of the first 9 steps to starting a successful TpT Store:

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