TpT Seller Guide: Hierarchy of Skills

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Do you have the skills you need to become a successful TpT seller? It’s often hard to decide what to work on first. This TpT seller guide helps you stay focused by listing skills in the most efficient order for growing your store.

Stage 1 – Product

– Making Products

Don’t put the cart before the horse – products are the wings of your airplane! If you don’t have quality products, there is no point on working on any other part of the business.

  • Basic elements of design
  • Copyright – protecting your work
  • Copyright – respecting the work of others
  • Talking to your customers – making products your customers want

Stage 2 – Store & Listings

Your store is where the sale happens, so these are the essential skills you need to make sure that customers will actually buy when they get there.

Stage 3 – Brand & Messaging

*STOP* Don’t worry about your brand message until you have found your groove with your product creation!

Stage 4 – Traffic (Basic)

*STOP* If your store listings aren’t optimized, any effort to drive traffic to them will be wasted.

Stage 5 – Traffic (Advanced)

Starting a TpT Store can be frustrating and confusing. Why do it alone if you don’t have to?

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