Teacher Store Brand Messaging

Promote your TpT Store on Social Media

The #1 Mistake TpT Sellers Make on Social Media Do you use Instagram to promote your TpT products? Go to your profile page right now, and look at the last 6 posts of your grid. How many of them are product covers? If it’s more than 1, I’m going to guess that you don’t get many engagements on your posts. It’s because you’re an interrupter. Lots of TpT Sellers using social media and search platforms…

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Find your best TpT products faster with MVPs (Tuesday Tip)

One of the things that is really hard for newer sellers (and sometimes more established sellers too) is knowing what to work on first – especially when it comes to products. Anyone who has been a TpT seller for any length of time have been there, I think. You get a great idea for a large product, spend AGES working on it, writing blocks of text, getting the design just right – and then when…

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The Customer Journey for Teacher Sellers

The hardest part about being a teacher seller is that we are teachers, not marketers. For most of us, that means that when we try to market our products, we end up trying a bunch of individual strategies that we’ve heard about (*cough*socialmedia*cough*), but they don’t really work together. There’s no real marketing plan. The key to creating an effective marketing plan is understanding the customer journey Truth bomb: Your customers do not just wake…

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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your TpT Branding?

Spoiler alert: It’s not about your font or colours I see a lot of teacher authors (like a certain “CEO teacher”) talking about designing their teacher store brand… and then all they talk about is fonts, colours, banners and logos. Fonts, colours, banners and logos are not a brand. They’re design elements. Unless you are an iconic brand like Pepsi or Nike, or have millions of dollars to spend on expensive advertising, a cute logo…

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How to Choose A TPT Store Name That Sells

Choosing a TPT store name is a key part of building a successful teacher business – make sure you do it right The name you choose for your TpT store makes a huge difference in how your store is perceived by customers. A professional name sets the tone by communicating that your store is high quality and contains high quality resources. If you’ve ever searched for a product on websites such as teachers pay teachers,…

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