Valentines Day Music Game – Melody Mi Sol La Powerpoint Game with Sound


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Valentine’s Day Music Game – Melody Matching Game for Music Classes

This music matching game is ideal for improving your students’ ear training and note reading for Mi Sol and La (C Major). Help the penguin collect heart candies for Valentine’s Day… but watch out for killer whales!

Click on the music note to hear the pattern, then click on the music that matches. If you’re right you’ll get a heart candy… if you’re wrong, you might get eaten by a whale!

You can use this Valentine’s Day Music Game in a few different ways:

  • To use for a whole-class game, simply project onto your interactive whiteboard in presentation mode. (There are enough slides that even with a class of 30 each student will be able to go twice).
  • Load it onto a computer or laptop as a center activity or small group game.
  • Screenshare it and ask students which one you should click on during remote learning.

*NOTE* This product was created in Powerpoint. It requires the user to have Powerpoint application and be able to present in slideshow mode.


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