Primary Dance Unit So You Think You Can (Teach the Elements of) Dance Gr. 1 – 4


Primary Dance Unit – So You Think You Can Teach The Elements of Dance

Finally, by popular demand, a “So You Think You Can Dance” Unit for the younger grades! You can teach dance like a rockstar… even if you’re not a specialist.

A high quality dance unit that’s easy to teach. This dance unit was created for non-specialist dance teachers by an elementary teacher who is also a former competitive dancer.

This dance unit uses example videos from the “Next Generation” edition of So You Think You Can Dance so that primary students can watch performers who are closer to their own age. Each lesson includes discussion points and prompts so that you can learn more about the elements of dance right alongside your students.

This primary dance unit includes:

  • 7 lessons with detailed lesson plans
  • a reference page for each lesson
  • a journaling page for each lesson
  • link to a dance example and discussion guide for each lesson
  • Google slides version of student handouts
  • A Google Slides presentation file with embedded videos



Also available to download on Teachers Pay Teachers