French Dance Unit – Elements of Dance: So You Think You Can Dance Unit for Grades 5-8

The French version of our very popular So You Think You Can Teach The Elements of Dance series.



French Dance Unit

Teach the elements of dance effectively – in person OR remote – even if you don’t have dance experience! 

The problem with teaching dance within the school system is that most teachers being asked to teach it have little or no prior knowledge in the subject. This dance unit is not only created by a trained dancer and choreographer – it’s also written specifically for non-dancer teachers.

This dance unit is put together so that those teachers without a dance background can still teach a quality unit and meet curriculum expectations. It uses YouTube videos to provide a large quantity of samples of different styles of dance, and uses detailed questioning & discussion guides as well as journalling to guide students towards meaningful analysis. This unit does rely on video heavily, so you will need to have access to a smartboard, projector, or smart TV in order to watch them with your class.

Each lesson focuses on one of the six elements of dance, and features a specific dance style. The lessons include discussion questions, journaling worksheets, and a link to a video that teaches a basic element of that style, so that you can learn right alongside your students.

To make the lessons as accessible and as high interest to students as possible, I have used clips from the “So You Think You Can Dance” television show. As these videos display dance in a manner that is current and recognizable, it should help students to “buy in” more easily.

*NOTE*: This unit is designed to be applicable to multiple grades who may not have received quality dance instruction in the primary years. It approaches each element of dance in a generalized way, so that students with no prior knowledge will find it accessible. If you are looking to address the exact characteristics of the elements for each grade, simply adjust the direction of the discussion and the vocabulary used to suit the exact grade level you are teaching.


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