Grade 3 & 4 Dance Phrase Activities & Worksheets

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Grade 3 & 4 Dance Phrase Worksheets

Dance activity pack for grades 3 & 4 with worksheets to help students easily create their own dance phrases.
These fun, easy-to-use “roll a dance” activities help your students to create their own dance phrases with a focus on body and space. Students roll a dice to choose different dance prompts, write a plan using the worksheet, and then practice and perform their dance. They are perfect for providing a guided way for students to show what they know, and can be used as ongoing assessment. Due to the element of choice using the dice, you can use this dance activity more than once and still have a valuable experience.
This dance activity package includes:
  • 8 different dance creation activities for grades 3 & 4
  • a word bank to help students describe their dance movements
  • a quick reference for the specific expectations that correspond with each activity (Ontario Curriculum)

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