Grade 2 Music – Timbre & Articulation Worksheets – Music Interactive Notebook



Grade 2 Music – Timbre & Articulation – Music Interactive Notebook Activities

Teach your grade 2 students about timbre (classification of instruments by listening to their sound (e.g., wind [woodwind, brass], stringed, electronic, membrane, pitched percussion instruments) as well as expression (crescendo/decrescendo, legato/staccato) using these interactive notebook style music worksheets.

All text in these activities is written with a traceable font so that students will be able to complete the work correctly even with limited reading/writing ability.

Instructions are included for each activity, but as written directions can be difficult for this age group, they are really meant more as a guide for the teacher than for the students to follow. I recommend having a sample notebook with each activity that the students can look at for reference.

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