Halloween Music Game – Truth or Dare


A Halloween Music Game for fun or your sub tub!

Truth or Dare is a fun Halloween music game to keep your classes happy and engaged in those last few days before a holiday!

This Halloween music game includes:

  • rules and instructions for play
  • 24 “Truth” cards
  • 24 “Dare” cards
  • 2 blank cards so you can include your own inspirations!

The TRUTH cards ask students to answer trivia questions relating to both music and Halloween (song lyrics, name-the-song, etc). The questions included are all related to Halloween music, but you can also use this as an opportunity for review. I’ve included some blank cards so that you can add questions based on whatever curriculum you are currently covering – if you don’t wish to use them, just leave these cards out of the deck.

The DARE cards challenge students to complete tasks that stretch their creative thinking, including improvisation, found-item sound exploration, etc.

Music Truth or Dare will get your whole class singing, creating, & giggling!