Christmas Music Activity – Holiday Film Scores


Christmas Film Scores Activity

A Christmas Music Game Min-Unit that is both engaging and curriculum-based – Enough no-prep lessons to fill your December music classes

This unit focuses on how making specific choices (tone colour, melody, dynamics, etc) within a composition can evoke specific feelings within a listener. “What makes Christmas music SOUND like Christmas?” is the question we’re trying to answer – and what better way to do it than through the scores of popular Christmas films?

This mini-unit is written for junior grades and therefore it assumes that the students already have a working knowledge of timbre, melody, tempo, dynamics, and articulation. If your students are a little rusty on these terms, it serves as a great opportunity for some review.

Relevant Curriculum Expectations for Grades 4-6

  • C1.2: apply the elements of music when singing and/or playing, composing, and arranging music to create a specific effect
  • C1.3: create musical compositions for specific purposes and audiences
  • C2.1: express detailed personal responses to musical performances in a variety of ways
  • C2.2: identify the elements used in the music they perform, listen to, and create, and describe how they are used

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