TpT Seller Hierarchy of Skills

It’s often hard to decide what to work on first as a TpT seller. This guide helps you stay focused by listing skills in the most efficient order for growing your store.

Stage 1 – Product

– Making Products

Don’t put the cart before the horse – products are the wings of your airplane! If you don’t have quality products, there is no point on working on any other part of the business.

  • Basic elements of design
  • Copyright – protecting your work
  • Copyright – respecting the work of others
  • Talking to your customers – making products your customers want

Stage 2 – Store & Listings

Your store is where the sale happens, so these are the essential skills you need to make sure that customers will actually buy when they get there.

Stage 3 – Brand & Messaging

*STOP* Don’t worry about your brand message until you have found your groove with your product creation!

Stage 4 – Traffic (Basic)

*STOP* If your store listings aren’t optimized, any effort to drive traffic to them will be wasted.

Stage 5 – Traffic (Advanced)