Grade 5 Music Theory Elements of Music Worksheet Notes Music Review


Grade 5 Music Theory Worksheets

Review the elements of music theory with your grade 5 class with these fun and thorough doodle-style music notes. These structured notes cover all musical elements of the grade 5 music curriculum, making them perfect for beginning-of-year or end-of-year review, or for review at the end of each unit. Students love completing and colouring the notes and doodles to create their own custom reference guide.

The worksheet package includes 5 doodle-style note pages, each one covering a different musical element. Each musical element review page is provided in three versions: a blank version, a version with all text completed, and a completed version as a reference & answer key.

Also works well for take-home packets or homeschooling.

These Grade 5 music worksheets cover the following musical concepts:

  • Duration – beat, rhythm, tempo, presto, largo, note values, 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures, eighth-quarter-eighth syncopation, fermata
  • Pitch – unison, step, skip, & leap intervals, accidentals, major scale in treble clef, reading key signatures
  • Expression – dynamics, pianissimo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo, staccato, legato, accent, sforzando, phrase
  • Timbre – orchestra sections, classification by sound production
  • Texture & Form – canon, polyphony, binary form, ternary form, coda, repeat, verse & chorus

These music worksheets are created based on the Ontario Curriculum but will align closely with other curriculums as well.

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