Grade 4 Music Bundle – Music-by-Month Lessons for the Full Year


Grade 4 Lesson Plan in Music for September - Rhythm - Review Back to School Music

Rhythm Lessons for 4th Grade - October - Rhythm - Eighth Quarter Eighth Syncopation

Grade 4 Music Lesson Plans for November - Absolute Pitch & Treble Clef

Grade 4 Music Lesson Plans for December/January - Intervals - Step Skip Leap Repeat

Grade 4 Music Lesson Plans for February - Dynamics - Crescendo, Decrescendo, and Sforzando

Grade 4 Music Lesson Plans for the Full Year – Growing Bundle

If you’re teaching grade 4 music in Ontario and you’re NOT a specialist, this is the only resource you need. A full year unit bundle complete with lesson plans, worksheets, presentation files, sound clips and teacher explanations. So easy a sub can do it, but so high quality you’ll be proud to teach it yourself.

*This is a growing bundle* – These lessons are being created over the course of the 2021-22 school year and will be posted monthly.

Grade 4 Music topics included:

  • September – Review of Beat/Rhythm
  • October – Syncopation (Eighth-Quarter-Eighth)
  • November – Absolute Pitch & Treble Clef
  • Dec / Jan – Intervals (Step, Skip, Leap, Repeat)
  • February – Dynamics
  • March – Articulation (Staccato & Legato) and Phrasing
  • April – Timbre Homogenous Sound
  • May – Form & Texture: Canon & 2-Part Polyphony
  • June – verse and chorus; introduction and/or a coda; simple repeats

Note: Lesson plans can easily be used “off-time” as they do not contain any holiday-themed materials. The plans are designed to be sequential from month to month. Start anytime!

These lesson plans were designed to follow the Ontario curriculum, but will align closely with many other curriculums as well.