Grade 1 Rhythm Dictation Worksheets with Sound Clips – Beach Theme


Grade 1 Rhythm Dictation – Quarter Note, Eighth Notes, Quarter Rest

Looking for rhythm review activities for your grade 1 music class? These rhythm dictation worksheets come with all the music clips you need so that you (or your supply teacher) don’t have to worry about playing the samples correctly. With a fun beach theme, these rhythm worksheets for first grade make great end of year review.

The biggest problem with music dictation is that it typically requires teachers to be able to play the music samples reliably and accurately. For non-specialists, this added stress can cause teachers to avoid dictation completely.

With this dictation pack, all those concerns are resolved by including a Powerpoint of easy to use music clip with correct answer display.

There are two types of rhythm dictation included – the first is selecting the correct rhythm from the choices, and the second more difficult activity is writing the rhythm.

These dictation activities also work well as sub plans – make sure to print out the instruction sheet for them as well as providing access to the presentation file.