Elementary Christmas Musical Concert Script: Tracking Santa


Elementary Christmas Musical – We’re Following Santa Around The World!

Tracking Santa is a mock news broadcast, as *your country*’s space agency has discovered a way to use satellites to track Santa’s progress around the world. Each country that Santa visits is accompanied by a Christmas song from that country.

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The show is approximately 20 – 30 minutes in length.

The goal of these concert scripts I have written is to allow groups of students (classes, choirs, etc) to perform individual musical numbers while having an actual story to connect the performances together.


  • 2 News Anchors
  • 11 Field Reporters
  • Weathergirl
  • non-speaking “runner”
  • 2 Australian “doctors”

The beauty of the news report style of show is that most of the parts do not actually have to be memorized, since it makes perfect sense that they would have notes in front of them – although the more “off-book” they are, the better.

This script was originally created for a Canadian elementary school but would be equally applicable to Americans with very small script adjustments.

It’s really hard to find high quality scripts for children that are both appropriate for the performers and entertaining for the audience. As both a teacher and an experienced musical theatre performer, I was disappointed by what was available… so I started writing my own! These scripts are based around genuine characters that encourage good acting skills from the students, and songs that are woven meaningfully right into the story with natural dialogue. (Instead of announcing, “now the kindergarten class will sing…” the songs are used as part of the story, as they would in a Broadway musical.)

Production Notes for the cast, set, props, costumes, and musical numbers are included.

Musical Numbers

The songs themselves in the show cannot be included due to copyright issues, however, all of the songs used in this script have commonly available sheet music and karaoke backing tracks, making this script useable by anyone even if you don’t have anyone who plays the piano. Original versions as well as background tracks for all of these songs are available from iTunes.

  • Six White Boomers – by Rolf Harris
  • Silent Night – Traditional
  • Christmas Tree – Traditional
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas – Traditional
  • Feliz Navidad – by José Feliciano
  • Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – by Johnny Marks

*NOTE: This script contains actual CHRISTMAS content. If you are looking for a “holiday” concert that avoids any reference to specifically Christmas-related themes, this is not the script for you.

**Having said that, the script is “informative” in nature rather than supporting any specific belief. Religious references are generalized and non-preachy in nature.

This script was designed to be performed as written and the author must be credited in your performance program. While minor edits are allowed (names, locations, etc), major revisions are a violation of copyright. An editable version is NOT included in this purchase and will NOT be provided. Thank you for understanding.