Christmas Concert: Christmas Café


Dine at the Christmas Cafe
The story takes place in a curiously-themed restaurant, “The Christmas Café”, in which all the menu items are inspired by lyrics from Christmas songs. On Christmas Eve the traffic is slow due to the weather, and the waiter is impatient to close up for the night. Just when the Manager gets ready to give in, a customer enters… and that’s where our story of second chances really begins.
Looking for a Christmas play? This is a completely original, kid-tested, high quality script for Christmas concerts & pageants that weaves music and story into one cohesive performance. Not sure which of my scripts is the best fit for you? Download my FREE Concert Script Comparison Chart
The show is approximately 30 minutes in length.
It’s really hard to find high quality scripts for children that are both appropriate for the performers and entertaining for the audience. As both a teacher and an experienced musical theatre performer, I was disappointed by what was available… so I started writing my own! These scripts are based around genuine characters that encourage good acting skills from the students, and songs that are woven meaningfully right into the story with natural dialogue. (Instead of announcing, “now the kindergarten class will sing…” the songs are used as part of the story, as they would in a Broadway musical.)
This script was written in a year where we teachers were on “work to rule” for most of the fall, so I wasn’t able to start working on a concert until much later than I normally would have started. Thus I needed a script that could be rehearsed and prepared in a relatively short period of time. The resulting concert has a run-time of only about 30 minutes including songs, making it an excellent choice for small schools, an individual class project, or anyone who (like me!) needs to put something together in a short period of time. Most of the characters can easily be played by either gender, making it simple to cast with only 5 actors, but can showcase as many students as necessary in the songs.
• Let It Snow – Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne
• We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Traditional
• Marshmallow World – Carl Sigman & Peter DeRose
• Hot Chocolate – from the movie “Polar Express”
• Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC
*NOTE: This script makes reference to “Christmas” as opposed to “holiday” content but does not contain any religious content. It is suitable as a secular performance.
This script was designed to be performed as written and the author must be credited in your performance program. While minor edits are allowed (names, locations, etc), major revisions are a violation of copyright. An editable version is NOT included in this purchase and will NOT be provided. Thank you for understanding.