Ballet Lesson Plans & Worksheets – Teach the elements of dance through ballet


Use ballet worksheets to teach the elements of dance

These print-and-go ballet worksheets teach primary students all about the elements of dance as well as the basics of ballet in a fun and engaging way.

You can teach dance like a rockstar… even if you’re not a specialist! These ballet lesson plans teaches real ballet elements, created by a dance specialist, but made to be used by regular teachers.

 Note: My products strive to be as inclusive as possible. This unit includes images of both boys and girls dancing.

This workbook of ballet worksheets includes:

  • A 14 page student workbook that includes both information, colouring, and activities:
    • ballet & elements of dance title page
    • elements of dance: body
    • body: ballet hands
    • body: five positions of the feet
    • elements of dance: action
    • action: locomotor
    • action: non-locomotor
    • elements of dance: space
    • space: levels
    • elements of dance: time
    • elements of dance: energy
    • elements of dance: relationship
    • relationship: principal & corps
    • elements of dance: review
  • A suggested list of activities to go with each lesson.

“My Ballet Workbook” is a print-and-go resource for students to learn the Elements of Dance within the context of ballet. It can be used for distance learning as well as in-class lessons and would be an excellent way to keep students engaged while watching a filmed ballet performance. The workbook applies directly to the “Elements of Dance” Ontario curriculum guidelines for grades 1-3.