TPT Seller Store Review – Seller’s Report Card with Branding Review & Support

Clarify your brand and your messaging with a store review When a customer lands on your teacher store, you’ve got a split second to grab their attention. Are you sharing your message effectively? Get your report card now to find out. Most TPT stores are created by teachers, not marketers. So while your products might be exactly…


Here’s how it works:

  1. Click “buy now” and e-mail me the short order form
  2. Within a week, you’ll receive a full TPT store review/report with actionable steps you can take to improve your store and sales
  3. You’ll be able to contact me for unlimited email/chat support as you work your way through the suggested changes

What’s in the report?

  • First impressions feedback on your current brand messaging
  • Review of messaging and copywriting of 3 products
  • Review of your use of store features
  • A clear list of next steps in the following categories:
    • messaging
    • visuals
    • store features
    • products
    • customer service
    • copywriting

Don’t forget: In addition to the report, you’ll receive follow-up customized support to help make the suggested improvements.

For an idea of the type of feedback you’ll receive, click here to browse free samples*NOTE: These samples were done as part of my blog and were not paid store reviews. Your review will be completely CONFIDENTIAL and nothing will be posted publicly without your special permission.


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