Solfege Worksheets Level 1b – Do Re Mi

Teach your grade 1 music students solfege in a fun and engaging way. This set of low prep worksheets are full of fun mazes that are self-checking to help your students learn mi sol la pitches quickly and easily. Perfect for subs and non-specialist teachers, these printables help your students master the notes while having…


Self-Checking Solfege Worksheets for Grade 1 – Do Re Mi

Reinforce solfege vocabulary as well as sight-reading skills with this set of self-correcting, low prep music worksheets for grade 1 music.
Only the correct answer will lead to the next question in the series, making these printables self-correcting and super easy to use, even for supply teachers and non-specialists.
6 Solfege Worksheets that Include:
  • match solfege hand signs to notes on the staff
  • match notes on the staff to solfege names
  • match solfege names to notes on the staff
 Includes answer keys.

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