Opera Unit for Grade 2-4 Music Classes – The Music of Opera Lesson Plans


Opera Lesson Plans for Elementary

Introduce your elementary students to the magic of opera with these easy-to-teach opera lesson plans. Works in person or online! This opera music unit includes 8 full opera lesson plans with worksheets for an interactive notebook or lapbook, as well as a Google Slides version with presentation and student worksheet files.

You can teach opera like a rockstar – even if you’re not a music specialist!

  • Show young students that there are modern-day references to opera everywhere
  • Strengthen students’ grasp of the elements of music through opera
  • Teach the musical components of opera while introducing students to some of opera’s most famous musical pieces

This opera unit guide includes:

  • 8 opera lesson plans to analyze famous opera pieces (depending on the length of your music classes, you may need as many as 16 classes to complete the unit)
  • Links to all of the musical pieces and videos online
  • Complete discussion questions and explanation of the pieces so you can learn alongside your students
  • Two versions of the opera listening response activity
  • Templates to create an opera interactive notebook or lapbook
  • A Google Slides presentation & student worksheet version for remote learning.

Lessons consist of listening & response/discussion, some videos, and completion of the interactive notebook or lapbook. These lessons will work under normal teaching conditions as well as “socially distanced” classrooms or homeschool, and can be adapted for distance learning as well.