Grade 3 Music Lesson Plans for February – Dynamics – Crescendo Decrescendo Piano Forte



Teach your grade 3 music class all about dynamics (crescendo, decrescendo, piano, mezzo piano, forte) with this unit pack of lessons. Includes visual aids, sound clips, video links, worksheets and teacher explanations. So easy a sub could do it!

Teaching music without any experience or training? YOU CAN DO THIS.

Anyone can teach music effectively even if:

  • You don’t have any music experience
  • You don’t have any instruments, textbooks or fancy equipment
  • You don’t have time to plan elaborate lessons

Music-By-Month is a low-frills-but-high-quality music curriculum that provides quality lessons for students and quick and easy explanations for teachers.

February’s lesson plans focus on: Dynamics – Symbols & Italian Terms
* This does not include any Valentine’s content.

Each Music-By-Month package includes:

  • A 4 lesson progression (approx. 30 min in length) with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to teach the lessons effectively
  • Clear, concise instructions – no long “teacher’s college” style plans to wade through!
  • Printable instructional materials in colour AND blackline
  • A powerpoint presentation file for easy delivery of lessons
  • Assessment suggestions

All you need to deliver these lessons are:

  • computer with speakers
  • the ability to print/copy sheets for students
  • a smartboard/projector
  • a few percussion instruments for students to play rhythms on (optional)
  • THAT’S IT!

This package was created based on the Ontario Curriculum, but will likely align with other curriculums as well.

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