Drama in 20 min per week – Improv Unit for Grades 1 & 2


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Tableau Drama Unit for Grades 1 & 2 – Improv Skills, Physical Expression & Tableaux

Teaching drama without training or experience?

Many teachers who are not drama specialists end up relying on activities such as “readers theatre” for their drama lessons. The problem is that these activities prevent struggling readers from being successful – despite separate curriculum expectations. “Reader’s Theatre” is much more about reading than it is about theatre or drama.

I strongly believe that a child’s ability to read should not interfere with their ability to perform or enjoy drama classes. That’s why I’ve created these drama units based on improv techniques (which are really the basis of good drama) rather than written scripts. You may be surprised to find that some of your struggling students will excel in this format.

This package is designed to be a low-frills-but-high-quality drama curriculum for teachers who may not have a great deal of drama background, or time to dedicate to a complicated drama program. It covers curriculum while providing easy to understand explanations for teachers and a step-by-step guide for instruction.

Each set includes 10 twenty minute lessons, which will take three months to complete if you do one lesson per week. You could easily combine two lessons together if you are lucky enough to have a larger block of time.

These plans are based on the Ontario Curriculum, but will likely align well with other curriculums as well.

This product is also available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers.



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