Beatboxing & Rhythm: No-Prep 6-lesson Music Unit For Jr-Int Music Classes




Use Beatboxing To Teach Rhythm Basics – Easy to use workbook format with Powerpoint presentation file & Sound Clips

Kids love learning to Beatbox! Beatboxing is an excellent high-interest topic for junior and low-intermediate music classes. It even works well for classes that may have a limited music background (or a limited grasp of the basic rhythm concepts) but for whom most typical beginner music activities would seem too babyish.

This beatboxing music unit is formatted as a student workbook, making it easy for both teachers and students to use. It can be used for both in-person and online teaching.

The sound files included as part of the presentation file ensure that even teachers who are not confident musicians will be able to teach the rhythms correctly. This unit is so easy a sub can teach it!

Note: If you would like to import this Powerpoint into Google Slides, the audio clips will not convert automatically. They are included in the package so that you can add them separately for use in Google Drive.

Each Beatboxing Rhythm Lesson:

  • introduces a specific percussion instrument
  • teaches the beatbox technique to mimic that instrument, including posters as a visual reminder
  • reviews a rhythm concept – including example sound files and a presentation slide
  • provides one or more exercises to practice the beatbox skills using those specific rhythms.


Lesson 1 – Introduction to Beatboxing

Lesson 2 – Kick drum, Quarter Notes & Downbeat

Lesson 3 – High Hat & Pairs of Eighth Notes

Lesson 4 – Snare Drum, Eighth & Dotted Quarter

Lesson 5 – Cymbal & Triplets

Lesson 6 – Final Assignment


Three assignments for assessment purposes are also included, making this a tidy little unit for teaching & assessing rhythm curriculum in a short period of time.

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