Christmas Concert Song Ideas

Every year thousands of teachers are tasked with finding a song or performance for their class to contribute to a Christmas or holiday concert. (Is your school performing a non-denominational concert, or just want to branch out a bit? Try out these winter concert song suggestions.)

If you’ve been teaching for more than a couple of years then you already know how often these same songs get recycled over and over. No wonder parents only show up to watch their own kids!

By looking for some new, less well known ideas you can add new excitement and interest for your Christmas concert audience – so even the parents of kids in other classes will pay attention.

Tips for choosing a Christmas concert song for your class:

  • Consider the amount of lyrics that your class will need to memorize. The younger the students, the more important it is to look for songs that have lots of repetition.
  • Consider the musical key that the song is written in. Young children naturally have high voices with a more limited range. If you choose a song written for a grown man, for example, it is likely to be in the wrong key for them unless you are able to transpose it or edit the sound file.
  • For more tips on how to make your school concert run more smoothly – like a professional production! – click here for my Christmas concert production tips.

Kindergarten Christmas Concert Song Ideas

  • The Mitten In The Snow – sung to the tune of the Farmer In The Dell
  • Snowkey Pokey – say mitten/boot/hat/snowsuit instead of hand/foot/etc.
  • Must Be Santa – Raffi

Lower Elementary Christmas Song Ideas

Upper Elementary Christmas Song Ideas

  • A Winter Wish
  • Frosty Hand Jive
  • Here Comes The Snow
  • Oh What A Glorious Night
  • A Porcupine in a Pine Tree (Canadian 12 Days of Christmas)
  • Hot Chocolate – Polar Express

French Christmas Concert Song Ideas

  • Moi J’aime Skier (sung to the tune of YMCA)
  • In France They Have Pere Noel
  • Cloche de Noel

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Christmas concert song ideas for elementary

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