Tips for Teaching Step Skip Leap Repeat

step skip leap repeat

Teaching intervals such as step, skip leap and repeat is an essential step in helping students to learn to read music fluently. When students are able to recognize steps skips and leaps in musical notation, it is much easier for them to predict what the music will sound like as well as be able to sing or play it accurately.

What is a step skip and leap?

Step, skip, and leap are all terms we use to describe different types of intervals. An interval describes the difference in pitch between two notes.

Step – The interval between two notes that are directly next to each other on the staff

Skip – The interval between two notes that have exactly one note between them on the staff

Leap – The interval between two notes that have two or more notes between them

Step Skip Leap Repeat Lesson Plans

Need a little more help teaching step skip and leap? This series of 4 lesson plans with Powerpoint file and worksheets will help you completely meet this expectation. In Ontario, this is a grade 4 music expectation but will be applicable to other curriculums as well.

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