The Only TpT Seller Planner You Need in 2023 (with business cheat sheets)

Are you looking for a TpT Seller Planner?

If you are a TpT seller (and especially if you are teaching full time while trying to build your store) then you know how important it is to manage your time wisely.

The right planner can make a huge difference in helping you do this. Unfortunately a lot of generic planners are not detailed enough for your needs, especially when you are juggling many different tasks such as content creation, marketing, and customer service.

When I started shopping for a planner for TpT sellers, all I could find were generic calendars with social media trackers.

(I never understand why so many TpT sellers are obsessed with making stat trackers. They realize they can look up their stats at any time right on the platform, right??? Why make more work for yourself when you could be making products?)

I wanted a planner that would help me break down and complete key teacher business tasks without creating more busywork.

Since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I decided to make my own. When it comes to planners, a lot of people buy them, use them for the month of January and then quit, because the planner doesn’t help break things down in a way that actually makes it easier to stay on track. I wanted something that would be so easy to use, it would actually help me build my business as a TpT seller.

It’s important to have a big over-arching goal that is your driver for growth – the thing that keeps you motivated. I call it a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). Then I set three goals for the year that will move me closer to achieving the BHAG. Once I have my three goals for the year, these are broken down into more specific tasks for each quarter, then month.

The monthly TpT seller planner has specific TpT-related prompts, such as looking at last year’s best sellers for the month to drive marketing decisions, and looking at what themes are coming up in the following months to make sure new products are well-prioritized. It also encourages you to look at all parts of your marketing funnel (store, blog, email, social media, etc) so that nothing is forgotten.

Everything included on these pages actually contributes to increasing business. If it doesn’t actually help me make money, I’m not wasting time on it.

TpT Seller Planner – Business & Marketing Cheat Sheets

Over the years of marketing several different types of businesses, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge on how to brand and market effectively. To save time in future, I used my knowledge of marketing and business strategies to create fill-in-the-blank worksheets for marketing tasks.

Marketing cheat sheets included in the TpT Seller Planner:

  • tpt product planner
  • new product workflow & checklist
  • SEO keyword planner
  • product descriptions
  • social media strategy & monthly planner
  • promotional planner
  • freebie funnel workflow
  • storefront messaging & store menu
  • social media post planner
  • product line planner
  • blog strategy & content workflow
  • yearly & monthly blog planners
  • brand messaging guide
  • & more!

Want your own copy of the TpT Seller Planner?

The TpT Architect Planner can be found in my TpT store here. In addition to the planner for TpT seller pages and the business & marketing cheat sheets, I’ve also included access to a private website with additional instructions on how to use each cheat sheet.

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