TpT Goal Setting: Having trouble setting goals for your TpT Store? Try This.

Set TpT goals that work Talk to your future self

Setting goals for your TpT business can be hard. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day to day “stuff” that the big picture gets lost. Here’s a quick exercise that can help you clear your brain and identify what goals to focus on.

Have a conversation with the more successful version of yourself

Sit down in a comfy spot with your favourite glass or mug of something – it’s important to feel calm and relaxed to let the brain juices flow.

Imagine that you doubled your revenue in the coming year. (Don’t argue with me about whether or not it’s possible – just imagine.)

Now imagine that this one-year-older version of yourself is explaining to you how they (you) did it.

Brainstorm – Write down everything your future self would tell you that they did in order to double that revenue. Don’t rush this – really sit and think about it.

(Remember, this is brainstorming. Don’t erase things or skip writing them down because you think they are too hard or not doable. Use pen, and don’t self-edit.)

Once you’ve written down everything your future self told you, it’s time to take a look at that list for some gold nuggets.

  • Put a star beside the three things that you think are most likely to increase your revenue.
  • Write down one thing you could do RIGHT NOW that would move you closer to each of these steps.
  • Is there equipment or training that you need in order to do this?

You probably already know what it is you need to do to build a more profitable business. So why not start now?

Starting a TpT Store can be frustrating and confusing. Why do it alone if you don’t have to?

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