Calls to Action: Get Bossy to Sell More

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A call to action is your best defence against indecision

If there is one thing you MUST understand about marketing, it is this: Customers don’t like making decisions.

Our brains are designed to save us as much energy as possible. So when we are met with a decision that requires too much brain power, our brains say, “Nevermind, let’s just not choose anything right now.”

The problem with that, of course, is that when a customer can’t choose something, we don’t make a sale.

So, how do we make those buying decisions easier?

One way is by limiting the number of choices that we offer.

But the single most important thing we can do is also the most simple: Tell them what you want them to do. In marketing, we call this using a “call to action”.

This might seem like a no-brainer. Surely it’s obvious what we want them to do. But is it?

Check the wording in your product descriptions and on your lead magnet pages. Are you actually telling them what to do, or are you subtly hinting?

Subtle hints don’t work in marketing. Hit them over the head. Several times. Get bossy.

Use action verbs.

Instead of saying “This free worksheet has 2 pages of addition drills”, say, “Download this free worksheet for 2 pages of addition drills.”

Instead of saying “This activity is a great way to start the year” say “Start the year with this great activity”

See the difference? The first sentence is a statement, but the second version is a direction.

What sentences can you rearrange in your product descriptions? Where can you add action verbs to give your customers a clear direction?

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