Don’t sell the flower, sell the firepower (Tuesday Tip)

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We don’t want the flower – we want to shoot fireballs


Who knew that  Super Mario Bros could teach you something so important about marketing?

In Super Mario Bros, the flower is a very important item. Getting the flower means you (Mario) can instantly grow to full size and shoot fireballs at anything that gets in your way.

It isn’t the flower that you really want – it’s what the flower GETS you.

This is the key to marketing your TpT products effectively.

When you tell your customers about all the nuts and bolts of your product – how many pages, what standards, what activities, etc., these are called the “features” of your product.

Features are important, because they manage a customers expectations so that they understand what they are buying. But customers don’t buy a product just based on features.

Customers buy a product because of the OUTCOME that it gives them.

 What benefits do your customers get by using your product? Does it save them time? Help them be more organized? Teach their students a specific skill that is hard to teach?

The more specific you can be about the results your customers will get with your product, the more likely they are to buy it.

Customers don’t buy the flower. Customers buy the firepower.

In every piece of writing you do about your products, communicate the RESULT your customers are going to experience – because this is what really convinces them to buy.

Your “benefits package”

When you’re considering how your products help your customer, the more specific you can be the better.

    • Draw attention to the things that make your product better than the others in your category
    • Avoid basics like “fun activity” – almost every TpT seller can say that
    • Really imagine your customer using the product in their classroom – what does it look like?
    • Think big – how do your products change lives?


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Sell them the firepower.

Finding the right words to grab your customers’ attention (without sounding “salesy”) can be difficult when you’re used to teaching, not persuading. But when you get super clear on your message, your products will practically SELL THEMSELVES.

Join the free 5-Day Branding Challenge and develop a clear brand message that will increase sales and make it easier to market your TPT store.

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