Beginner’s Guide To Teaching Elementary Drama

The reality is that most teachers who are experienced in drama end up teaching in specialized programs or in private school settings. This leaves teachers with no training trying to teach an unfamiliar subject.

With a subject like drama, having a teacher who is comfortable with the subject matter is key.


Key Resources for Teaching Drama



Tips for using tableau effectively in elementary drama

Tips for using tableau effectively in elementary drama

"Tableau" is a drama term that you may have heard before, even if you aren't an experienced drama teacher. But what is it really, and how can you use it effectively in your drama lessons? What is tableau? Tableau is essentially a freeze-frame of a scene. Instead of...

Primary Drama Activities: Guided Role Play

Drama Activities for Kindergarten to Grade 2 Teaching drama to very young children can be a huge challenge, especially since they aren't able to read well enough to follow a script and aren't quite ready for the high-level thinking required for conventional...

Elementary Christmas Concert Ideas

Looking for elementary Christmas concert ideas? Sometimes directing a whole musical for Christmas just isn't practical, especially in an elementary school. Here are some ideas for Christmas concerts that are simple to put together, yet are interesting and...

Tips For Making Your elementary Christmas Concert More Professional

Lighting When you are lighting the stage, be aware that lights need to come from the FRONT in order for us to see a child’s face, not from above, beside, or behind. If you are lucky enough to have a stage at your school, the “working lights” that are on the ceiling of...

Christmas Concert Tips – Part 1:

Tips on Christmas Concert Organization & Logistics Keep the concert length manageable. No matter what, your concert must be kept to a reasonable length. For an elementary school concert I recommend no more than an hour. Keeping the length reasonable is important...