TpT Seller Ultimate Business Guide

Are you a TpT seller? Welcome to your complete guide for building a better TpT store and increasing your sales and income.

Blog Posts for TpT Sellers

SEO Hack: How to find the best keywords to use on TpT

SEO Keyword Hack for TpT You probably already know that using the right keywords and search optimization strategy is important. It’s the HOW that can often feel difficult. So where should you start? Find the right keywords to optimize The single most important step in search engine optimization is choosing a keyword that works. After…

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How To Get More TpT Reviews

Looking for tips on how to get more TpT reviews for your store? If you have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers, you already know that product reviews are an important part of developing your store: It’s easy to see why TpT sellers want to have more reviews. But HOW do you get more TpT…

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How To Use TpT’s New Testimonial Feature To Sell More Products

In 2022 TeachersPayTeachers released a testimonial feature that allows you to select two reviews to prominently feature near the top of your product page. This feature is an amazing opportunity to help improve your marketing messaging and sell more products, but only if you’re using it correctly – so read on to learn how you…

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how to find your niche on tpt

Finding a niche on TpT: What it is and why you really do need one

Deciding on a niche on TpT doesn’t lock you down… it actually sets you free. If you’ve been learning more about building a business on Teachers Pay Teachers for any length of time, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “find your niche”. While niche does sound like a pretentious buzzword and is often overused- the…

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TpT Pricing – Price Your Products To Sell

TpT Pricing that Works One of the things that often leaves new TpT sellers scratching their heads is how to price their products. Having a solid pricing strategy is essential, because it is one of the three main ingredients needed to increase your profits. So how do you price your TpT products so that customers…

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How to Scale Up A TpT Product That Is Performing Well

Once you have worked out the kinks with a product and it is performing well organically, then it is the time to scale up. Scaling up takes something that is already working and magnifying the result. Usually, this means adding more push marketing to your strategy. Stop! You’re not ready to scale unless you’ve done…

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Tips for Creating Seasonal TpT Resources

Tip #1: Be ok with the fact that they may not sell right away. Even if you post a seasonal product several weeks ahead of time, it still might not gain enough traction in the search algorithm to show up. When I post a seasonal product I pretty much assume I won’t sell any the…

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Complete Guide To Your TpT Product Listings

How to create TpT product descriptions that sell Often, teacher sellers spend so much time working on their products that by the time it’s time to post them, they’re feeling pretty burnt out. The problem is that if you don’t put the same effort into your product listing, no one will ever find that resource…

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