Pop 102 – The Millennial Whoop – 4 Lessons On A Popular Pop Music Melody Pattern




Pop Music Lesson Pack: What Is The Millennial Whoop?

This lesson pack is a follow-up to my first pop mini-unit, “Pop 101”. It studies a popular melodic pattern nicknamed “The Millennial Whoop”, which is a vowel sung alternating between the 3rd and the 5th of the scale. It is a fairly basic musical pattern, but it is fascinating in its frequent use, especially in pop music of the 2000’s. It is an interval that easy to find and hear, which makes it a great teaching tool for studying the intervals of the major scale.

This extremely common pattern is found in dozens of pop hits, and is used in this series of lessons to teach / reinforce basic characteristics of the major scale. The lesson pack includes an extensive list of pop songs from the last 10 years that are examples of this pattern, making it a high-interest and relatable topic for pre-teen and teenage students.

The pop music lessons are:

1) Find The Whoop (Introduction) & The Major Scale

2) Intervals in the Major Scale & the Millennial Whoop

3) Write Your Own

Optional Bonus Lesson: Copyright in Pop Music

Because of copyright restrictions the actual recordings cannot be provided in this lesson plan, however they are easily found on the web and links are provided wherever possible.


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